How to get started in Quilting

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Quilting is hard, say it outright feels right. But anyone can get into and master quilting if they have enough passion. Quilting can be therapy, a hobby or maybe a career.

Have ever you ever seen a quilt and wondered how someone did this? If yes, Quilting could be for you. An amazing quilt doesn’t need a fancy machine, but it needs a passionate mind.

So What do you need to get started with quilting

For your journey, you need a few specific tools first. If you are someone who sews, you may already have a few of these. These are investments you won’t regret.

A sewing machine: This is kind of obvious having a machine is important for quilting

Rotary cutter: If you can learn to use a rotary that can be of your advantage. These are used to cut your shapes quickly and accurately.

Acrylic ruler: A ruler is obviously necessary. And it can come in handy at any stage of quilting.

These are the special tools you need for quilting. Other items used in quilting are either common or inexpensive.

Steps of Quilting

1. Choosing the fabric

This is the first step in quilting. Selecting a fabric can be a daunting task. If you don’t believe me just go to a quilt shop. There is so much to select from. Just believe in yourself and have a basic understanding of what colours will work together. You may be wrong the first few times, but it doesn’t matter nobody is perfect the first time around.

2. Cutting the fabric

If selecting fabric seemed to be a hard task, this is even harder. This is one of the first skills you will have to learn for quilting. Cutting fabric using rotary cutter and mats is Quilting 101. The more you do this the better you become.

3. Selecting a quilt batting

Batting is the sandwiched thing between the fabric. It is also known as wadding and is used as a layer of insulation between fabrics. Selecting the right batting can be a really confusing task for a beginner. Batting is what makes a quilt warm and heavy, so selecting the right one is important.

The selection the perfect batting will depend upon the use of the quilt. Batting is different for a quilt made for hanging on the wall and a quilt made for a baby. The difference can be hard to understand but research will clear all of your doubts.

4. Start making your quilt

Once you have done all the above steps it is time to start making your quilt. For beginners, it is always good, to begin with, basic blocks. The nine patch and four patch quilt blocks are perfect for beginners. There is nothing right or wrong about a quilt, everything is your choice. As you continue to make quilts it will get better.

5. Finishing your Quilt

This is really hard. Quilting takes time. It may take a lot of time to finish your first quilt. But you shouldn’t be worried about this. Great things always take time.

Finish your first quilt and jump right into the next one.