Types of Quilting and the equipment used

Quilting is art, different pieces of fabrics are put together and a masterpiece is created. Even though there are specially created quilt arts, I feel that every quilt made is art. It takes time, effort and craftsmanship to make a quilt. And each one is different. Their difference comes in the forming fabric, type, usage and so on.

There are a lot of different types of quilting are used to make quilts and few of them are discussed here.

Types of quilting

A lot of types of quilting exist in the world today. Only the most prominent ones are discussed here.

1. Hand quilting

This is one of the basic types of quilting. As the name suggests this process happens with a hand using needle and thread. A frame or hoop is used by the quilter to keep the quilted area steady. There are 3 major stitches used in hand quilting. they are called a stab stitch, rocking stitch and rocking the needle respectively. This process is still used Amish people all around the world. More and more people are starting to practice this method due to nostalgia.

2. Machine Quilting

Using any best sewing machine for quilting comes under this type. The major machines used are the home sewing machine and longarm sewing machine. In a home sewing machine, all the layers are tacked together before sewing. They are kept that way mostly using large safety pins. Longarm quilting involves special frames where all the layers are kept together. There is no need for pinning this way. Longarm machine moves through the fabric for sewing whereas the fabric moves through the home sewing machine. Check out TeachYouToSew.com to learn more.

3. Tying

All the layers are tied together in this method. This method is used when the quilts need to be prepared fast. Square knots are used to finish off the quilts. This method is also known as tacking.

Equipment Used

A lot of different equipment is used for quilting and each of them serves a different purpose.

1. Sewing machine

A good machine can be helpful in sewing a quilt top or sewing the layers together. This machine is used at home and is small in size.

2. Longarm machines

These can be used to sew large easier and faster. The extended arm this machines allows it to sew the anywhere in the cloth without moving it. This machine is also manually controlled.

3. Quilting Needles

Whatever method you are using needles are important. Each fabric requires a different needle. If the wrong needle is used it can your whole quilt. So learning about needles will be a good idea.

4. Rotary cutters

Rotary cutters provide freedom and accuracy than anything else cannot provide. Using a rotary cutter provides more accurate results and done much faster.

5. Quilting templates

Each quilt can have different patterns and different templates can be used on the same quilt. This can help your quilt get a distinctive look. Templates are often seen as the blueprint of a quilt. Patterns are made on a quilt according to these templates.